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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 [PC]-SKIDROW

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1default Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 [PC]-SKIDROW on Mon May 31, 2010 11:32 am



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 [PC]-SKIDROW
PC Game | English | ISO | 11 GB

Genre: Action/Shooting

Modern Warfare 2 is a first-person tactical shooter and the sixth entry in the popular Call of Duty series. True to its name and following the lead of its predecessor, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it places players in modern combat settings, as opposed to the WWII environments of the earlier Call of Duty games. This modern approach brings with it new weapons, action and options. Coupled with a variety of gameplay modes including single player, multiplayer and the co-op Special Ops Mode, it is destined to be one of the most popular games of 2009 and a worthy addition to the Call of Duty series.

The storyline of Modern Warfare 2 picks up where the events of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare left off. The ultranationalist Russian leader Zakhaev has been eliminated, but it seems that his lieutenant, Vladimir Makarov, is an even bigger danger. Having made a successful play for power, Intel indicates that he is extending the reach of his influence well beyond the borders of Mother Russia, causing a stir in the international community and prompting the involvement of Task Force 141. Task Force 141 is an elite multinational unit made up of Navy Seals, Delta Force operatives, British SAS and CIA. In the single player campaign you are Sergeant Gary "Roach" Sanderson, with the hero of Call of Duty 4, "Soap" MacTavish, promoted to Captain, making an appearance as an NPC (non-player character) and your commanding officer. The elimination of Makarov and his underlings at any cost is your number one priority, regardless where the fight occurs.

System Requirements
Intel CPU: Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz
AMD CPU: Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4400+
VGA: Nvidia Graphics Card - Geforce 8800 GS .. ATI & Intel Graphics Card - Radeon X1800 Series 256MB
Hard Disk Space: 12 GB
DirectX: 9


Download from CODMW2.part001.rar.html CODMW2.part002.rar.html CODMW2.part003.rar.html CODMW2.part004.rar.html CODMW2.part005.rar.html CODMW2.part006.rar.html CODMW2.part007.rar.html CODMW2.part008.rar.html CODMW2.part009.rar.html CODMW2.part010.rar.html CODMW2.part011.rar.html CODMW2.part012.rar.html CODMW2.part013.rar.html CODMW2.part014.rar.html CODMW2.part015.rar.html CODMW2.part016.rar.html CODMW2.part017.rar.html CODMW2.part018.rar.html CODMW2.part019.rar.html CODMW2.part020.rar.html CODMW2.part021.rar.html CODMW2.part022.rar.html CODMW2.part023.rar.html CODMW2.part024.rar.html CODMW2.part025.rar.html CODMW2.part026.rar.html CODMW2.part027.rar.html CODMW2.part028.rar.html CODMW2.part029.rar.html CODMW2.part030.rar.html CODMW2.part031.rar.html CODMW2.part032.rar.html CODMW2.part033.rar.html CODMW2.part034.rar.html CODMW2.part035.rar.html CODMW2.part036.rar.html CODMW2.part037.rar.html CODMW2.part038.rar.html CODMW2.part039.rar.html CODMW2.part040.rar.html CODMW2.part041.rar.html CODMW2.part042.rar.html CODMW2.part043.rar.html CODMW2.part044.rar.html CODMW2.part045.rar.html CODMW2.part046.rar.html CODMW2.part047.rar.html CODMW2.part048.rar.html CODMW2.part049.rar.html CODMW2.part050.rar.html CODMW2.part051.rar.html CODMW2.part052.rar.html CODMW2.part053.rar.html CODMW2.part054.rar.html CODMW2.part055.rar.html CODMW2.part056.rar.html CODMW2.part057.rar.html CODMW2.part058.rar.html CODMW2.part059.rar.html CODMW2.part060.rar.html CODMW2.part061.rar.html CODMW2.part062.rar.html CODMW2.part063.rar.html CODMW2.part064.rar.html CODMW2.part065.rar.html CODMW2.part066.rar.html CODMW2.part067.rar.html CODMW2.part068.rar.html CODMW2.part069.rar.html CODMW2.part070.rar.html CODMW2.part071.rar.html CODMW2.part072.rar.html CODMW2.part073.rar.html CODMW2.part074.rar.html CODMW2.part075.rar.html CODMW2.part076.rar.html CODMW2.part077.rar.html CODMW2.part078.rar.html CODMW2.part079.rar.html CODMW2.part080.rar.html CODMW2.part081.rar.html CODMW2.part082.rar.html CODMW2.part083.rar.html CODMW2.part084.rar.html CODMW2.part085.rar.html CODMW2.part086.rar.html CODMW2.part087.rar.html CODMW2.part088.rar.html CODMW2.part089.rar.html CODMW2.part090.rar.html CODMW2.part091.rar.html CODMW2.part092.rar.html CODMW2.part093.rar.html CODMW2.part094.rar.html CODMW2.part095.rar.html CODMW2.part096.rar.html CODMW2.part097.rar.html CODMW2.part098.rar.html CODMW2.part099.rar.html CODMW2.part100.rar.html CODMW2.part101.rar.html CODMW2.part102.rar.html CODMW2.part103.rar.html CODMW2.part104.rar.html CODMW2.part105.rar.html CODMW2.part106.rar.html CODMW2.part107.rar.html CODMW2.part108.rar.html CODMW2.part109.rar.html CODMW2.part110.rar.html CODMW2.part111.rar.html CODMW2.part112.rar.html CODMW2.part113.rar.html CODMW2.part114.rar.html

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